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The inspiration behind the Trader Collection

When Mr GJ’s grandmother died he had the task of going through her home. Not ever an easy job especially as her possessions had been accumulated over her 98 years. One of Mr GJ’s many discoveries was an ancient and well-used sewing box in which he found another smaller box full of odd buttons in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Some particularly caught his eye; a small number of Victorian or Edwardian shirt buttons made in mother-of-pearl. Too beautiful and irreplaceable to be discarded he kept them awaiting a perfect use. When he started designing the Geronimo Jones range he knew exactly what to do with them. He took a selection of the finest of them to Hatton Garden where he had them cast in Sterling silver and they now feature as the elegant finishing details on many of Geronimo Jones’s Beaded Bracelets.

The history of buttons

Buttons are as old as clothing itself; but not only as a way of securing our clothes but also to add a touch of individuality and personal style to the wearer’s attire. Buttons have been made of an almost endless list of natural materials before the now seemingly ubiquitous plastic that we wear today; stone, pottery, jade, jet, bone, wood, shell, flint, horn from deer or stag, ivory, bronze, argent and gold. Although used for practical reasons buttons can indeed be beautiful and decorative.

We all have a memory of a button box

For children growing up buttons would have had a multitude of other uses. As counters and pretend money … and before the gadget age, a box of colourful buttons would have entertained children for many hours, sorting through colours, sizes, shapes or type. Today perhaps the snipping of buttons from clothing and recycling them has been lost but they can certainly still be used to add a touch of something fabulous to decorate our garments. Mr GJ had his own ideas. He created the fasteners for his beaded bracelets following the discovery of his grandmother’s sewing box and has now created a range of Sterling silver buttons of his own to give that personal touch to a dress shirt or anything you like. A replacement for studs these make a wonderful and re-usable touch of glamour to a gentleman’s evening shirt or a special blouse or shirt. Each of the Trader Collection pieces are hand-created in very limited quantities. Almost all of the precious metal bead work is done by the master-beaders of the Sanata Group in East Africa. This original, ethical and highly wearable collection is, as ever, unique to Geronimo Jones who work with the Sanata Group of the charity Restart Africa – an organisation that provides fair wages and essential employment to the many local Kenyan women in the group.

The Tula Bracelet

Browse the Trader Collection range here.

Symbol of excellence & hallmark of originality

The best thing you don’t know about yet; we are the secret you just haven’t heard about. Designed with the absolute joy of giving in mind to celebrate love, family and friendship the GJ collections are designed with you in mind. Whether you are looking for something a little different, that extra special gift or want to celebrate … the solution is here. Proud of our roots, the story behind the company and that Mr GJ remains the only designer you will not find anything like us anywhere else. Jewellery designed with beauty in mind, and hand finished in Hatton Garden especially for you.

The Geronimo Jones Jewellery Tag

An ethical company, the GJ tag is our symbol of excellence and hallmark of originality. While we may be ‘small’ our ambitions are big – offering exceptional customer service to ensure you choose the right piece for you or for giving. Always happy to answer your questions by email or telephone, we guide you through the buying process or support you in creating that extra special gift with our bespoke service. Geronimo Jones … taking the very best that nature has to offer and gives it the GJ mark. Which collection will become your favourite?

The fusing of the contemporary and the classic…

It is said that there is nothing new under the sun. We take a favourite recipe and give it a different twist or add a different spirit to a familiar cocktail and create something entirely new. We love reinvention – the art of taking something classic and making it contemporary. The trick is getting it right. Always improving on the original – and as a result producing something rare and exceptional. Mr GJ has a passion for the art of taking something intrinsically beautiful and creating out of it something even more extraordinary and sublime. He blends the original with the novel to create something unexpected, surprising and truly sensational. The Island Collection is a fusion of beauty, shape and texture from the natural world made new in precious metal.

The beauty of the Sea Urchin

Elegance is an essential component of all that Mr GJ designs. The Urchin pendant, earrings and cufflinks are a perfect example of recognising the intrinsic beauty existing within something from the natural world and re working it to create something novel yet simultaneously familiar whilst being truly exciting. These pieces are at once sophisticated, elegant and contemporary. Each created from the unique patterns, shape and texture found only in a fragment of sea urchin shell. The result is genuinely original and light catching classic jewellery that can be treasured for a lifetime … just as Mr GJ intended. Sometimes he’ll look at something made by others and know that it can be made better. The secret is always staying true to the original whilst adding a genuine touch of finesse.

The Infinite Collection … truly contemporary

geronimo-jones-curved-t-bangle-bracelet The Curved T Bangle, recently added to the Infinite Collection, is an example of Mr GJ taking a popular piece and giving it the unique GJ stamp. Each of the twin Ts has been delicately curved to create an unexpectedly graceful line and the bracelet itself has been transformed by being squared giving it a substantial and solid feel whilst maintaining the essential elegance of the piece. Similarly, the idea for The Trader Collection’s Precious Metal Beaded Bracelets was adopted from traditional Maasai beading techniques; but instead of using the usual coloured glass beads Mr GJ employs precious metals such as gold and rhodium to create an exceptional range of bracelets worn and loved by so many. Our jewellery is always hand-crafted and never massed produced so can be created in other precious metals for a truly original piece for the one you love. Geronimo Jones – Precious things…. beautifully made.

How to choose jewellery for a lady you love

Present buying is often a minefield for men who wish to buy something special for their wife, girlfriend or lover – Geronimo Jones is here to help make things easier. Jewellery is a precious yet personal thing.  Similar to the choosing of a wallet or tie for a man – it can be fraught with danger with a more than reasonable chance of getting it wrong!

Here’s a useful guide that might help

  1. Jewellery – apart from rings – is an excellent option when looking for something really special as unlike buying underwear, shoes or clothing you don’t need to know the size! And almost every woman loves a new piece of jewellery.
  1. Take a note of the jewellery that the lady you wish to buy for already wears. This will give you an idea if she has a preference for silver, yellow, white or rose gold or even another precious metal such as platinum. Whilst we create the majority of our jewellery in English Sterling silver our studio in Hatton Garden can make most of our pieces in any other precious metal especially for her.
  1. Does she prefer something she can wear every day? If so, all our jewellery is designed to be worn this way. That said, our Masterpieces Collection is perfect for that extra special birthday or anniversary and more likely to be for special occasional wear. We try to be able to offer an option for every scenario.
  1. Is ethical production important to her? The Trader Collection Precious Metal Beaded Bracelets may be just the answer. And these bracelets look fabulous worn together (stacked) so giving you future gift ideas!
  1. Does the woman you are shopping for like to be original and like something a little different or is she more classically conservative? Either way, you’ll find something to meet every taste at geronimojones.com. Geronimo Jones jewellery and accessories aren’t found on the High Street and aim always to offer unique and beautiful jewellery you won’t find anywhere else!

Still not sure?

Geronimo Jones’ Little Black Box with Shebelle Precious Metal Beaded Bracelet

Don’t worry our helpful team are more than happy to advise you and of course if necessary help with exchanges…  and because we know that getting the wrapping right can be a nightmare too every piece is presented in its own jewellery bag and boxed ready to give. You can even give us a message for a handwritten label if you like or send us your own. Geronimo Jones – we’ll help bring delight not disaster to your present giving!  


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