Precious Metal Single Strand Beaded Bracelets

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Geronimo Jones are proud to bring you a sensational selection of Precious Metal Single Strand Beaded Bracelets inspired by some of East Africa’s legendary and mighty rivers.

  • Sterling Silver
  • 18 carat Gold and Black Rhodium
  • Sophisticated & Very Chic
  • Unique Designs
  • Ethically Handmade





Truly original and simply beautiful, these sensational Precious Metal Single Strand Beaded Bracelets made with gold, silver and black rhodium are inspired by some of East Africa’s most mysterious and powerful rivers combined with the beautiful, intricate designs of world’s most ingenious and inventive bead designers, the nomadic tribes of East Africa. Each of these simply stunning single strand bracelets are crafted in Sterling silver and other precious metals. Each comprises and combines 3.3mm rondelle and 2mm Sterling silver beads. To create the diverse colours and designs the Sterling silver beads are then generously vermeiled in England with hard wearing, elegant and sophisticated 4 micron 18 carat yellow or rose gold and black rhodium. Each is always finished with our Sterling GJ hallmark logo tag proving authenticity and then fastened with our gorgeous Sterling silver button detail. Ethically made, each bracelet has been hand-assembled in Kenya by a properly-paid expert beader from The Sanata Women’s Group. Please note that as each bracelet has been individually hand made for you designs may vary slightly. Exclusive to Geronimo Jones, the Precious Metal Beaded Bracelet is highly flexible and is circa. 7 1/2 inches (19cm) in length. Each comes with its own beautiful Geronimo Jones jewellery bag and in a presentation box. Wear it on its own for a beautiful and dramatic effect or wear it stacked; either way the GJ Precious Metal Beaded Bracelet is the epitome of elegant wrist wear! A truly unique and beautiful piece of original jewellery to treasure or give. Your lovely bracelet comes ready for presentation in its own beautiful Geronimo Jones jewellery bag and in our distinctive Little Black Box. Search Precious Metal Bracelet above to see the other pieces in this exceptional range.    

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2 reviews for Precious Metal Single Strand Beaded Bracelets

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